Our Pastors

  • Pastor alex romo (Lead Pastor)

    Upon hearing the call of God at age 20, I took the opportunity of serving as a Youth Pastor for my home church in Palmdale, CA. Shortly after (6 years ago), I would marry my best friend, Jennifer Romo who would not only make my life so much better, but would partner with me in ministry (also making that better as well).

    After years of serving and leading students, we stepped into the role of Associate Pastors here at The Edge. During this time, learning from our mentors (Founding Pastors of the Edge, Pastor Dennis and Lydia Enriquez), and serving our community; God was sharpening us for the next season of our lives... Which brings us to the present:

    As the Lead Pastor of The Edge Foursquare Church, my goal is to bring the broken, lost, and hurting to Jesus; through the preaching of the Gospel, practical servant-hood, and the making of Disciples (Matt. 28:19). 

    The fundamental qualification of my ministry begins and ends by the provision of grace through Jesus Christ. I prayerfully strive to operate through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit that he's blessed us with, for the building of the church (1 Cor. 14:12).

    As a Pastor, my purpose is to help people, not pretend to be better than them. I don't have all of the theological answers and the secrets of a successful life; but what I do have, I pledge to give; the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ (as it relates to every part of the scriptures), any services I could offer within my scope of abilities, my time, and my most of all, my love for You. 

    Email: PastorAlex@AvEdge.org

  • Pastor greg howell

    Soon after moving to the Antelope Valley in the early 80’s I began to be involved in our local church; serving in many areas such as playing on the worship team, nursery/children’s ministry, youth ministry and various leadership teams.  

    By the 90’s I received my Foursquare Credentials and was Ordained by Foursquare in 2000, during that time I have served both as a volunteer and in full time ministry as a Youth Pastor, Assistant/Associate and Co-Pastor.  I have also had the privilege to study at LIFE Pacific College and Promise Christian University where I earned my PhD and served as a faculty professor. 

    In April 2016 my wife Tami and I celebrated our 33rd year of marriage. We have three awesome kids: Angela, Alan (his wife Heather) and Amara. We also have two amazing grandchildren Paislie (6 years old) and Clyde (5 months). 

    Most of our ministry as been right here is the Antelope Valley and we are looking forward to many more year of service in our community. Our family has been with The Edge since it's launch, we are in awe and are proud of what God has done so far in His church; We continue in excitement for what He is doing NOW at The Edge!

    Email: PastorGreg@AvEdge.org

  • fernando ramirez (Executive director)

    I've been serving the Lord in the Antelope Valley in various forms for the last 10 years. I've had the opportunity to serve as youth director for 3 years, been a part of the worship team and now stepping into the Executive role; all here at The Edge. It's been a real pleasure to demonstrate and communicate God's love to the people of our community. I look forward to continuing serving The Lord until He returns. 

    Email: PastorFernando@AvEdge.org