Mentor Program

Beyond the classroom, learning opportunities are boundless. This premier program offers two courses for college bound students. The Mentor Program provides students the opportunity to explore the college selection process, their potential careers of interest, their aptitude for those careers, and to eventually be mentored by a professional in a selected field of interest. Students can opt to only take the first course, Seminar, or both Seminar and Field Experience. Learn more here: AVHS Mentor Program website.

  • Mentor Program Support Options:
    • Classroom Speakers
    • Mentors for field course
    • Professional skills development support:
      • Networking skills
      • Resume composition
      • Interview skills
      • Professional communication
    • Provide informational interviews
    • Host a career exploration field trip
    • Volunteer to support career counseling in mentor seminar course.
    • Volunteer for AV EDGE career exploration events.
    • Serve on AV EDGE advisory board for Mentor Program.
    • Provide funding to support career exploration field trips and mentor field transportation needs.